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Nifty 170SD - 17.1m Self Drive Bi-fuel Cherry Picker

The Nifty 170SD is a light weight 17m working height static cherry picker with excellent reach and outreach capability.

Our popular Nifty 170SD combines the best features of a self-propelled and a trailer mounted cherry picker. You drive the cherry picker into position then engage the hydraulic outriggers, level up the machine and up you go! The Nifty 170SD is much lighter than a standard self-propelled boom with this reach, which keeps the cost of transportation down. You can also use this lift on slope.  This is a cost effective choice to hire for many applications including installing flue liners, tree working and general maintenance.  The bi-fuel engine means you can select electric power to use inside with no emissions. 

Before hiring this machine, please check you have enough room to set the outriggers out: they have a span of 4.4m. Our Nifty 170SDs are 2WD or 4WD. The 2WD machines can handle grass and gravel but will struggle in more demanding rough terrain, The 4WD will cope with more demanding terrain. The outriggers need a solid, firm footing. Please ask us to supply outrigger pads for use on softer ground. 


Working height 17.1m
Working Outreach 8.7
Platform height 15.1m
Machine height 2.1m
Machine length 5.6m
Machine width 1.6m
Machine weight 2450kg
Gradeability 30%
Safe Working Load 200Kg
  • Flat Ground
Turning Radius 5.18m
Cage Size
  • Length 0.65m
  • Width 1.1m
Typical application
  • Aviation
  • CCTV Installation
  • Commercial Painting
  • Construction
  • Electrical / Mechanical Installations
  • Facilities Management
  • Heating Installations
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Property Maintenance
  • Tree Surgery
  • Warehouses and Factories



Specs pdf / 591.18 KB
Operators Manual pdf / 608.83 KB


What do I need to charge this lift?

A 3.3KVA Transformer and 110v lead is required to charge this access platform. Most lifts need 6-8 hours to re-charge.  

How long will the batteries last?

You should get a days work done with full battery charge. Driving the machine around a site will drain the batteries more quickly.

Do I need to use a harness when using this MEWP?

Although it's not a legal requirement, the HSE strongly recommends that a full body harness with an adjustable lanyard is used when working from a boom type MEWP. These are available to purchase from ATP. Ask when you make your booking. 

What happens about fuel?

The machine will be sent out with a full tank of red diesel.  You'll pay a re-fuelling charge at the end of the hire if the unit is not returned full.  You can re-fill the tank with either red or white diesel. 

What if there is a slope?

Don't panic this machine has hydraulic jacks or outriggers that can be used to level machine before use.

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